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Examples of a Perfect CV

Writing a strong CV is an art and something that is not easy. Therefore, we will help you by listing some of the most important things to consider when writing your CV. Once you have started writing your CV, you can read our CV examples, which you will find at the bottom of the article, for inspiration on how to formulate your CV.

A CV is a personal description of your career to date. Therefore, you need to adapt your CV to your personality and work experience. Below are some simple tips to get a slightly sharper CV that will be interesting to read.

Previous Jobs

List your previous jobs that are most important to the job you are applying to and describe what you did with a few lines. The jobs you have previously held that are not as interesting for the job you are applying to, you place further down in your CV and just fill in the company name, your role and the time you worked there.

Be Relevant

When describing a previous job, it is important that you highlight only tasks that match the new job you are applying for. In your CV you should describe why you are good at the task you are applying to. For example, if you are looking for a job as a salesperson, your previous experience in an administrative role is not something that is of interest to the employer.

Only Include Information the Employer Wants to Hear

Write your CV based on what the employer wants to hear. This is a very important point that many misses when writing a CV. Keep in mind that the employer has an idea of what he/she needs fill a position. You should try to match this in your CV. So, the important thing is not that you describe yourself based on what you think, but that you describe yourself based on what the employer who seeks to fill the position needs.

Brag - But Don't Lie

You are your own brand, so don’t be afraid to brag. Don’t be shy when writing your CV or cover letter. You should never lie in your CV; the truth always comes out. But highlight your best qualities, your knowledge and your personality and do it a lot. When you apply for a job, you are competing against many others for the same position, so you must describe yourself and why you should get the job. Therefore, you should never be shy and hold back in your CV without highlighting your knowledge and skills makes you the best person for the job and do it with confidence.

Your CV Must Stand Out

In addition to a well-written CV, it is very important that your CV, in terms of appearance, stands out. When the employer goes through all the applications, the first thing he does is notice what a CV looks like, and how it is structured. Therefore, you must have a nice CV that is unique and different from all other applicants. We do not recommend that you write your CV in Word as it is extremely difficult to create a good CV with that program. Instead, use a service that is uniquely designed to create your CV.

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Create Unique Content

Never copy from someone else's CV or example CV you find online. Your CV is your unique description of yourself and it must also be adapted to the job you are looking for. Therefore, it will never become good enough if you copy someone else's CV. What you should do, however, is to find inspiration from others and how they have written and described themselves. This way you can improve your CV with new formulations and ideas.

Supplement Your CV With Other Documents

Nowadays, it is not enough to just send your CV to an employer, but you often have to attach other documents as well that show that you are ambitious and the right person for the job. A cover letter must always be attached with your CV. In your cover letter, the employer gets a better picture of you as a person and why you should get the job. In many recruitment processes you will be asked to perform a personality test. Therefore, it may be a good idea to conduct a personality test even before applying to the job. Other good documents that may be good to have ready before applying to a job are grades, reference letters and certifications and diplomas if you have one.

CV Example for Inspiration

Please read the above CV example for inspiration for your own CV. Feel free to test our CV builder when writing your CV. This will give you a good idea for the structure for your CV and you can choose from several CV templates and read several examples.

Good luck with your job hunting!

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