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How to Write a CV

The content of your CV – how do you fill out your CV?

Contact information

Complete contact information should always be included in your CV, and be thorough to make sure you don’t make any errors. A very common mistake many people make is to use an unserious email address in their CV. Keep in mind that your CV should create an interest and trust with an employer. If you choose not to include all your contact information or have an inappropriate email address, this can be perceived as unserious and your otherwise perfect CV will be overlooked.

Employment history

If you have had many different jobs, you should only include the jobs that are relevant to the job you are applying for. For example, if you have worked as a postman one summer 5 years ago and are applying for a job as an economist, this should be omitted. If you want to include all your jobs, you can use the title “other employments” where you list jobs that are not relevant to the job you are applying for. Highlight the employments that are relevant to the employer and focus on explaining what you learnt and what experience the employer can benefit from when hiring you.


Include your education and other trainings you have completed. A good rule of thumb is to omit elementary school and at the earliest start with high school. If you have a higher education, you can omit your high school education. Keep your CV short and omit the obvious things.

Projects and certifications

Special trainings or certifications are unique competencies that other people lack, such as a sales certification or leadership course. These should always be included in your CV, and describe them briefly in a few words. A master’s thesis or participation in a project can also be mentioned here. These need not be relevant to the job you are applying for, but they show your involvement as an individual and that you are a responsible person.

CV Layout – What should a CV look like?


It is important that you have a nice layout for your CV as this is the first thing the employer will see. This is nothing you need to worry about when you use a CV-template from us. All our CV-templates are designed in cooperation with recruiters and have a neat and professional look that will make you stand out from the crowd. Our users have better feedback from employers than people who created their CV themselves.


The structure of a CV is very important as recruiters only spend a few seconds on each CV. There are a number of rules that you have to adapt to when writing a CV. With templates from BuzzCV you do not have to think about the structure because all our templates have a predetermined structure that we have developed with the help of recruiters. Just fill in your details on your page and let our CV builder create your finished CV for you. It has never been this easy to get a well-structured and professional CV.

Adapted for the job

Different industries and jobs have different cultures. Therefore, you should adapt your CV for different jobs. If you are applying for a job as a lawyer a classic and simple layout without colors fits very well. When applying for a job as a designer a CV with a more playful design is preferable to show off your creativity. We have a CV-template for any industry and taste, test different things and change the look of your CV with one click. All our templates are fully customizable so you can change color, font, font size, attach links and much more. We are the industry leader in Sweden on digital CVs and our CV builder is the most advanced on the market while being very user-friendly.

Tips when writing a CV – Things worth keeping in mind

Grammar and spelling

One of the most common errors people make is that they do not spend enough time on wording for their CV. Often you will get tired towards the end and want to finish your CV quickly which often creates grammatical errors. It is paramount that your CV is spelled correctly and that the sentences are grammatically correct. You can be a perfect candidate for a job, but you are guaranteed a rejection if your CV is carelessly written.

Proofread your CV

When you’re done with your CV, it’s a good idea to let it rest for a couple of days and then re-read it. This way you will have a better perspective on it and can find errors that would otherwise have been missed. When you are satisfied and think that the CV is ready, it is a good idea to let someone else read it.

How long should a CV be

The rule of thumb is to try to keep a CV on an A4 page. If you a have long work experience, it can be difficult to keep it short and it is not unusual that the CV needs to be slightly longer but try not to go over two pages. An employer’s time is limited, and they have no interest in reading a whole essay. Therefore, include only what is relevant to the job you are applying for, keep it short, and if the employer wants to know more you will be called in for an interview. There you will have the chance to tell them in detail more about who you are.

Video presentation

This is a relatively new and exciting way to apply for a job. If you want to be at the forefront and stand out, it’s not a bad idea to record a video where you present yourself in 30 to 60 seconds. All our CV-templates are built to contain a video presentation that can be played directly in the CV. The employer does not have to access an external web page but can play the video directly in your digital CV.

Online CV and cover letter.

The future is digital – let your cover letter and CV be too

Most of today’s society is now digitized. Clothing stores that were previously brick-and-mortar are now fully available on the internet. Mail has been exchanged for email and the school directory has turned into Facebook. The list is long and there are few areas not affected by the internet revolution. With this in mind, it is only logical that it should be time for your CV and cover letter to become digital as well. The times when you created your CV in an editing program on your computer are over. Now it’s time to move the CV to the cloud and make it more dynamic than ever before. With the help of our service, you can easily create a CV and cover letter that looks amazing and is digital.

Safe and secure

An online CV creates opportunities that did not exist previously. Since your CV is online, you can choose whether you want it to be shown or not. You can therefore send your CV to different employers and when you do not want them to see it anymore you can turn off the CV. You have full control over who gets to see your CV and who doesn’t get to. Your CV is online, but we don’t let google or any other search engine get their hands on it. This makes you completely anonymous and your CV can never be obtained if you do not share the link to your CV or cover letter.

What is an online CV?

An online CV may sound advanced. But with the help of BuzzCV it is no more difficult than having a Facebook profile. On your BuzzCV account you have an online CV. It is located on its own website, just like your Facebook profile does. You choose what information you want to include in your CV on your account. Your information is automatically added to your online CV. When applying for a job, you do not have to fuss with attachments, but simply send your unique CV link to the employer. It’s as easy as sending your Facebook page to someone you know.

Advanced technology makes it easy for the user

The technology to solve this is advanced but we have packaged everything in a user-friendly tool. You don’t need to know anything about technology or design. You just fill out the text you want in your CV or cover letter and choose a CV template that fits. Everything is automatically done, and the result is always perfect.

A delight to write a cover letter

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our members to write a cover letter. Therefore, we have created an “all in one solution” where you get an online cover letter along with your CV. Your cover letter automatically gets the same template as your CV to make everything as uniform as possible. To create as frictionless an experience as possible, you have a button in your CV that opens your cover letter. You never have to bother with different files again, instead, when you send your CV your cover letter is included automatically.

Get help with how to write

One of the most common problems with writing a cover letter is that you do not know what to write. Therefore, we have developed both help articles for how to write a cover letter as well as real examples of cover letters and CVs. We will help you get started on what and how to write. This is completely unique and something that you can only find at BuzzCV