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It will be easier if you know how others write

Writing a good CV is not easy. If you’ve never done it before, it’ll be even harder. To make it easier for you, we offer you a large number of CVs that have led other people to getting a job. This gives you a unique insight into how others write which can give you inspiration and make it easier for you to write your own CV.

Real CVs that lead to jobs

All our CV examples are real CVs that have led other people to jobs. Using these, you can take a shortcut in how to write a CV. Do not miss the opportunity to learn exactly how to write without having to google and read a lot of theories about CV writing.

It is important to have a CV that stands out

It is not just the content of your CV that is important, but the appearance plays an equally important role. The reason why the appearance of your CV matters is because your CV must stand out from the crowd. An employer will receive lots of applications and CVs when a job is to be filled. If your CV is eye-catching and stands out from all the others, it captures the interest of the employer. This increases the likelihood that they will read your CV. Those who use our CVs therefore increase their chances of being called to an interview by over 60%. Read our CV examples and create a CV that stands out and you are well on your way to your new dream job.