Terms and conditions - BuzzCV

1. Rights and obligations to which users have received CV template

The webpage www.buzzcv.com/terms contains the terms and conditions (now called the “Terms”) for how to use the site Buzzcv and its services.Terms between you and Buzzcv and approved each time you choose to visit Buzzcv’s website or use Buzzcv’s service. If you do not accept these terms, do not use Buzzcv service or websites. Do you have an account, delete your data if you do not agree to the terms. Definitions:Buzzcv-websites : Any of the sites Buzzcv controls, fully, partially or otherwise use or include Buzzcv services.Buzzcv services: Applications and services offered by Buzzcv, including online cv, online function to publish or search services, Buzzcv in PDF format for download, applications accessed via Facebook, mobile, or one in other ways gives you access to the application.Buzzcv Networks: Services, applications, tools like online resume, forums, user pages, community, communication tools and job search services that facilitate job search and networking for Buzzcv’s users.User: The person who uses the Buzzcv websites, services and networks. The user is a person who registers on the Buzzcv site and create a profile.Profile: User information he / she registers on the Buzzcv sites. The information in the profile is displayed on a user page and online CVs.It is not permissible for anyone to use any content in the user’s profile or any other content on the Buzzcv websites, Buzzcv network, Buzzcv services to assess a person’s suitability for any type of third party services such as loans or insurance.

2. Use of content of Buzzcv

Under the terms allowed access to and use of the Buzzcv sites and content on the Buzzcv. You have the right to download and print the content available on the user’s public online CV page. It can be printed for personal use but may not be used for commercial purposes. No other content on the Buzzcv websites are allowed to download, print, or used privately or commercially.By “other content on the Buzzcv sites” refers design, logos, illustrations, videos, images, text, buttons, software, code, content and user profiles. This is protected by copyright and trademark protection for Buzzcv.You must preserve all the logos and copyright information available on the original content of the Buzzcv.The code that generates all the content on the Buzzcv web pages, services, profiles belong to Buzzcv and is protected by copyright and may not be copied or modified.You may not modify or sell any of the content available on Buzzcv sites. You may not publicly perform, reproduce, display, distribute or otherwise use any content on the Buzzcv websites for public or commercial purposes.

3. Use of Buzzcv services.

CV database, CV template users, CV template profiles, CV template classifieds, and other features found on the CV template web pages or functions and services contained in the Buzzcv copyright may only be used by the Buzzcv users, Buzzcv -employers, partners and licensees with separate agreement with Buzzcv.

4. All users of the Buzzcv undertakes NOT:

Perform any act or action that leads to unreasonable or excessive load on opropotionerlig CV template websites or servers.Using third-party tools to find information on the Buzzcv sites and services.Using any kind of robot to save, find a copy information available on Buzzcv websites, databases or servers.Do not record information that may be offensive, pornographic, racist or otherwise be unlawful.Harass, initiate or accept harassment of any person, company or group.Forge any TCP / IP packet.Publish or promote material or information belonging Buzzcv.Defame or vilify Buzzcv in any way.Publish Online Cv, profiles, or users of third party.Forward any information about another user or profile to an employer that does not have a licensing agreement with Buzzcv.Share their login information.Log on to a server or account that you do not have access to formal.Publish or upload information that is counterfeit and do not belong to you.Publish or upload information to promote other services or products.Attempt to interfere Buzzcv websites, Buzzcv services, servers or databases by “spamming”, “flooding”, “mail bombing” or using viruses.You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your profile, username and password. You are fully responsible for your users and your profile and the information contained therein.

5. Additional terms applicable to job-seekers.

When you register on the Buzzcv, you will be asked to provide certain information such as a valid email address, first name, last name, zip code, city, education, desired working hours, age and status. An account is created and you are a user associated with that you register and provide the above information.Once the account is created, you enter information on your profile such as phone numbers. You are responsible for the information you fill is correct and not misleading or belongs to someone else. Buzzcv reserves the right to offer third party services and products to you and send information about this via those channels of contact that you have chosen to fill in. When registering, you agree and consent to the Buzzcv has the right to share your information to third parties. You agree upon registration Buzzcv privacy policy, which you can read more details about your personal information and how it is used.You agree to and accept you as a user do not have any ownership rights to your profile or information contained therein. If you choose to cancel your account, all information that you have registered and saved jobs, saved online resume templates will be deleted from Buzzcv servers and databases. Information that you deleted may be available online for a certain period after you have chosen to delete your account due to delays beyond Buzzcv responsibility as Google saving of information. Buzzcv obtains the right to delete all information in a user account and user.

6. User Content and contributions.

You as the user is responsible for all User Content and the information that you contributed is correct. Buzzcv is not liable for any information that you uploaded, and disclaims responsibility for information that may be inaccurate, illegal, or covered by patents. Buzzcv reserves the right to disclose information about you as a user to a third party or authorities about any type of illegal act has occurred.You agree that all User Content that you register your profile and on any Buzzcv sites are royalty-free and fully transferable, are not subject to licensing and Buzzcv may use the content and your information without any subsequent costs or legal action. Buzzcv has the right to use all content you as a user record and publish your profile for marketing purposes.If you or anyone else believe any information posted on the Buzzcv sites by any user infringes copyright, please contact us at info@buzzcv.com
Warranty Disclaimer

Buzzcv gives no guarantee that any service operating properly or that its servers are free of viruses or other Trojan mechanisms that can be harmful to the extent that it does not infringe any law.Buzzcv is not responsible for any type of repair or equipment damage that occurs in the use of any of the Buzzcv sites or services. Buzzcv makes no warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness or reliability regarding any information or functionality of the Buzzcv sites or services.

8. Limitation of Liability.

Buzzcv is not responsible for any content that a user uploads. To the extent permitted by law, Buzzcv maximum be liable for damages that could amount to 100 dollar.

Buzzcv websites have links to other websites and third party services. These links should only be viewed as a means and not recommendations of other people’s websites or services. Buzzcv accepts no responsibility for the content on any of the pages that have links to and is not responsible for any damage that may occur on these pages. If you decide to click on any link and go to any of the pages do so at their own risk and the Buzzcv has no responsibility.
No Resale or Unauthorized Commercial Use.
You agree not to use any information or service on the Buzzcv sites for commercial purposes.

10. Buy the upgraded account.

Buzzcv offers all users a free account that can be used. In addition to the free account is the possibility of upgrading the account in exchange for payment. Current rates for this is found on www.buzzcv/prices. Buzzcv use recurring payments for the upgraded account to make it easier for its users. The purchase of an upgraded account is not subject to any term, and the user may at any time terminate the recurring payment. Buzzcv does not handle or store any credit card information without the use of a third-party vendor to process credit card payments. The current third-party provider of card payments is Stripe.

11. Term and termination of the contract.

The terms will be active as long as you are a user on one of Buzzcv sites. Buzzcv has the right in its sole discretion to terminate your account, delete your data and make use of legal sanctions. If you cancel your account, some portions of the terms will continue to apply. We aim to sections 1, 2, 5 and 7. The terms and conditions enter into force in May 2017