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The goal of any CV is to stand out and give you the opportunity to be called in for an interview. This requires you to not only have a well-written CV but also the right structure as well as your CV looking professional. This can be solved on your own by reading up on CV structures as well as learning some basic design. However, it is a time-consuming process that often ends with a result that is only half-decent. To let you avoid all this and be able to focus on the content of your CV, we have created As a free member you will have access to our user-friendly CV builder where you complete your CV through a simple step by step process. After filling in your information, you select the CV template that suits both you and the job you are applying for the best. Our service automatically moves over all your information into the CV template. You do not need to know any design or fuss with what information should come first in your CV. Our system does this for you automatically and provides a perfect result every time.

Change CV template whenever you want

Since our system solves everything for you, you can switch between different CV templates whenever you want. This gives you the freedom to change your mind regarding the appearance of your CV and change it all once it is finished. The system automatically moves all your information to the new CV template and your new result will be delivered directly. Since it is completely free to become a member, we recommend you to try out our service and see its value with your own eyes. When you create a CV you also receive a cover letter that has the same layout as your CV. This is very important as you should always attach a cover letter with your application, and it’s a very good idea and looks professional to make them have the same layout. If you need help on how to write a cover letter, we also have well written articles and information on this.

Digital CVs are the future

Since everything in society is becoming more and more digital, there is no reason why your CV should not be digital as well. Therefore, we have chosen to provide all users with a digital CV and digital cover letter. These digital CVs and cover letters are available on their own websites with unique links that you easily share with the employer. Thus, you never again have to fuss with weird document formats or attached files. The employer clicks on your link and opens your CV directly in their browser on their computer, mobile or tablet. This is the future for how to apply for a job.

Find out what personality you have

All people have different personalities and it is not always easy to know why you react in a certain way in a specific situation. With our free personality test, you quickly and easily get a detailed picture of your personality. This can be very useful when applying for a job. Many employers and recruiters use personality tests as a step in the recruitment process. Here you can stay one step ahead of the pack when you already know the result of your test. Join us, and take your personality test as a complement to your new CV, which you can also create as a member.