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Our CV templates

We have over 20 CV templates that you can use to create a nicer and better CV that increases your chances of being called for an interview.

CV guru tips – If you use our templates, you will be called for more interviews. According to our surveys, the chance of being called for an interview increases between 20 – 70%

Before choosing a CV template, it may be helpful to understand what a CV is and why you should write it. Below we give you a quick “crash course” in this before we go into what to think about when choosing a CV template and why you even need to use a template.

A video that shows how easy it is to fill in your CV and choose a CV template.

In the article, we will go through the following.

Our CV templates
What is a CV
How to write a CV
5 CV writing tips
Use a simple and easy-to-read structure for your CV
Choose the right format for you
Choose the right CV template
CV templates in word format
CV templates for different careers
Download our CV templates
Online CV
How does the CV template service work?
Create a cover letter
CV templates in other languages

What is a CV

CV means Curriculum vitae and according to Wikipedia this is Latin and means “life course”. To explain this in an easier way, a CV should therefore compile your career life.

For many, it may be obvious what a CV is and why you should write one. But if you have never done it before or if you have gone from job to job on recommendations, it is usually not as obvious.

CV guru tips – The reason why you should write a CV is in a concise and easy-to-read way so that an employer can get a clear and distinct picture of who you are, what you have studied and what previous work experience you have to be able to carry out the job they want to hire.

How to write a CV

It is not an easy task to write a CV as all recruiters have slightly different opinions about what is important. But we have written a very informative and detailed guide about how to write a CV. To sum it up, we have made a short list of points below with the most important points and tips for writing a CV.

5 CV writing tips

1 – Adapt your CV to each job – It is very important that you tailor your CV to the job you are looking for. You do not have to rewrite the entire CV from the beginning for each job. But it is important that you already in your CV adapt the text for the job you are looking for so that the employer sees that you are interested in their particular job. You do this by rewriting your descriptions of your previous work experience, changing your summary and you can choose to use one to highlight the most important information as early in your CV as possible. A tip is to adapt your CV template so they follow the same design profile as the company you are looking for a job with.

2 – Keep your CV short (an A4) – Recruiters receive hundreds of CVs for a job and spend an average of 30 seconds on each CV. Therefore, you need to keep it short for the recruiter to read all the information.

3 – Stylish design – Your CV must stand out among all other applications. Therefore, we recommend that you try to create as nice and eye-catching a CV as possible so that the recruiter pays attention to your particular CV.

4 – No spelling errors and correct grammar – Spelling errors and grammatically incorrect sentences indicate negligence. No employer wants to hire a careless person. So read your CV several times and make sure the text is error free.

5 – Ask for feedback – Let your friends or parents read your CV and ask for feedback on what you can improve.

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Use a simple and easy-to-read structure for your CV

As we have mentioned before, it is important that your CV is easy to read, which you achieve with the right structure. With the right structure, the employer can first of all quickly read through your CV. But the employer can also quickly find back to the most important parts of your CV at a later time if the CV follows the guidelines that apply to a correctly structured CV.

Choose the right format for you

There are 3 different ways to format a CV correctly. You can choose to use chronological, functional or combined format.

Chronological format – You use a running timeline.

Chronological order means that you sort your work experience in a continuous order. You can choose to have your first job at the bottom of your CV and then you fill in with jobs so that your latest is at the top. You can also choose to use a reverse chronological order.

Most often used when you:

Looking for a job in the same field of work that you previously worked in to clearly show how you have developed in your career until today.
Want your CV to clearly show how you have moved in your career from job to job.


Functional format is a skills-based structure where you can break the order of your jobs. You can choose to fill in the jobs you previously had that suit the job you are looking for best at the top of your CV and then have the jobs that are least relevant at the bottom.

Most often used when you:

Worked in different industries and has a very broad experience where all jobs are differently relevant to the job you are looking for.
If you have gaps in your working life and may want to hide this somewhat
You lack work experience and want to highlight other projects or strengths in your CV.
Combined format

It is possible to combine these two formats where you have parts of your CV in chronological order but then this breaks into a functional format. This is not something we recommend as it can create a cv that is difficult to follow a common thread in.

Choose the right CV template

When you are clear about why and how to write your CV, it is time to look at the appearance of your CV. It is important that your CV is neat and eye-catching to increase your chances of getting a job.

We currently have over 20 different CV templates that suit everything from carpenters to lawyers. Below we have listed our best tips for you to choose the right template for your profession.

So there are a large number of factors to consider before finding the right template for you. The good thing about our CV builder is that you do not have to decide from the beginning. You can always change your CV template whenever you want and all information is automatically transferred to the new template. You do not have to change or rewrite anything, everything happens completely sleepless. A little extra plus is that each CV template comes with an associated template for cover letter. This is so that you will have uniformity in both your application documents.

Why do I need a CV template

If you are not good at design and know some image editing program like adobe photoshop, it is usually very difficult to create a nice look on your CV. Therefore, it is good to use a ready-made template. In addition, you save a lot of time by using a template instead of trying to design your CV yourself. This time you can instead spend focusing on the content of your CV.

Word template compared with a buzzcv cv template

Why a CV needs to look good

Most job seekers do not put any energy into the appearance of their CV. They write their CV in word and send it in. This creates an opportunity for you to stand out among all others who are looking for the job already when you submit your CV. If your CV has an eye-catching appearance that stands out from the crowd, you will capture the employer’s interest and this increases your chances of being called for an interview.

CV templates in word format

You can always create your CV in Word, but it usually gets complicated quickly if you want the CV to look a little nicer than a regular A4 with text. As soon as you start to add design elements in Word or the miss work with different tables and columns, it quickly becomes complicated. It is often impossible to achieve something beautiful. The reason why it is so difficult to get a nice CV in Word is because Word is a word editing program where it is intended to write documents. It is not created to make the CV. But for those of you who still want to try using word, we have created a number of word templates that you can download and use for free.

CV templates for different careers

Our CV templates are developed together with recruiters so that they follow all the rules that exist for how to structure a CV. This means that you can choose to use which of our templates you want and be confident that your CV will be professional. Below you have our templates that are developed for different careers and people.

Modern CV templates

A modern CV template follows the classic and standardized structure of how to write a CV. But the look has been updated to suit today’s society.

See all our modern cv templates

Simple CV templates

If you are looking for a traditional CV template that gives a simple and stylish impression, it is a simple CV template that you should have. Our simple CV templates have a minimalist look and give a simple but professional impression.

CV templates for students

The templates are designed to give a young but ambitious impression and the focus has shifted from work experience to other sections. For example, there is more room for an initial description that can be used to freely describe your personality and your future plans, which creates an interest in the employer and shows your visions.

See all our student cv templates

Customize the CV template so it becomes personal

As we have previously mentioned, it is important to adapt the information in your CV to each job you are applying for. It is important to be personal. The same applies to your CV. With our service, you can easily adapt your template to suit your person and personality. By changing the color, font, text size and much more, you can quickly and easily adapt your template so that it does not look like someone else’s CV.

how you can customize your cv to get different looks

Above, you can see one and the same template that has been given a completely different look through simple customization in our system. It only took us 3 minutes to change the right template so it now looks like a left one. If we had tried to do this manually in a computer program, it would have taken many hours.

CV guru tip – Add an image to your CV template to make it more personal. Do not forget that it must be a professional image that inspires confidence.

Change CV template with one click.

If you want to change your CV template after you have filled in all your information, there are no problems. Just select another one of our templates with one click and let our CV builder automatically move all your information to the new template. So you do not have to write about any information or worry that something would not come up.

Download our CV templates

If you want to use and download one of our templates, you must first create an account. It’s completely free to create an account. In your account, you simply select the template you want to use and then fill in the information in our CV builder. When you feel ready, preview your CV. Our CV builder then automatically moves all your information to the right place in the template. This way, you always get the right structure on your CV and you do not have to worry about something going wrong in the formatting. When you feel satisfied, click on the “download” button and your CV is automatically downloaded to your computer as a PDF.

Online CV

Nowadays, it is not entirely obvious that a CV must be a paper document or a PDF file. Many people have more and more started using digital CVs or online CVs. This is a CV that is available on the internet as a type of website. If you are above with the idea, you can imagine a Facebook or linkedIN profile. You visit this directly from your browser and can read more about the person. An online CV is the same, but instead of there being posts and pictures on the page as it does on Facebook, the CV information is there and the look is like an A4.

Online cv previewed in browser

The easy thing about using an online CV is that you can choose exactly who should see your CV and you can make changes and updates to your CV afterwards. So if you sent your digital CV to an employer and shortly afterwards, you will discover a spelling mistake in the CV. Then you can easily correct spelling errors, which is updated directly in your online CV. This is not possible if you submit your CV as a file.

Higher security and confidentiality

More and more focus has been placed on confidentiality and how to protect your information and choose who has access to it. GDPR is a clear example of how important this is nowadays.

With the help of an online CV, you get full control over who has access to your information. First of all, only the people who have the web address, or the URL, of your CV website can show your CV. But if you have sent your CV to many different employers and then get a job, you may not want the other employers to keep your CV. Then you can easily choose to put your online CV as offline and thus turn off the website. By doing this, you ensure that your information does not continue to circulate on the internet after you get a job.

How do I find an online CV

With your free account on the CV template, you get an online CV completely free of charge. It includes both a CV and an online cover letter that you can use to apply for a job. So if you want to test and see how an online CV works, just create a cone. Should you feel that it was not for you, just log out or delete the account.

Video presentation

With our online CV, you also get the opportunity to add a video that can be played directly in the CV. A recruiter who gets a digital where there is a video will most likely click on the video and see your presentation. This gives you the opportunity to start your interview process already in the application phase, which gives you an edge over other applications.

How does the CV template service work?

To create an account on the CV template, only an email address is needed. The basic account you create is always free of charge and it is included unlimited with digital CVs and digital cover letters. You can use all our templates and can fill them in with as much information as you want.

After you get a job, just log out of your account and leave your account. When you need to apply for a job again, just log in to the account and continue working with your CV where you left off last.

Create a Cover Letter

You must always send a cover letter together with each CV. Therefore, you can also create cover letters in your account and choose the same template that you have in your CV to get a uniformity in your application documents. Take a look at all our cover letter templates.

If you do not know what a cover letter is or how to write one, you can read our guide to writing a cover letter.

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CV templates in other languages

We also offer our service in other languages. If you live in any of the countries below, you can use one of our country specific CV template services.

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