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CV templates that makes you stand out from all the other applicants. Using our templates increase your changes to get an intervju by 60%. All templates are created in collaboration with recruiters and follows all standard rules for how to structure a CV.

Writing Your CV – 6 Quick Tips

Use an Online CV

Most applications are in word format. If you instead submit a link to your online CV in your application, it will catch the attention of the recruiter directly.

Keep It Short

There are many rules to follow when writing your CV. But the most important thing is to keep the CV to one page. If it gets longer you run the risk of losing the recruits interest.

No Unnecessary Information

Try not to repeat the same information from different jobs even though the jobs are similar. Instead, divide your work tasks over the different jobs so you write down some information and skills about what you did at each job. You don’t need to write a long descriptive text about your education, the name of your education often says it all.

Different Templates for Different Jobs

Customize the look of your CV to the type of company you are applying to. Use a more colorful template when looking for a job as a financial assistant at Spotify and a more strictly professional template when applying to the same job at the tax office to match the corporate culture.

Start with a Summary

Start your CV with a short text that summarizes your journey from school to where you are today and wherever you want to go. This is a great way to capture the reader’s interest and it leads to you wanting to read more about you in the personal letter.

Don’t Forget Your Cover Letter

The CV is important but the cover letter is at least as important. There you give an in-depth picture of who you are and why you should get a job. Use a personalized letter template to get a uniform design on both of your application documents.

CV templates in other languages

We also offer our service in other languages. If you live in any of the countries below, you can use one of our country specific CV template services.

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