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Simple cv template

Use a Simple CV template and get a CV that stands out. Create an account for free and get started. All our templates are developed in collaboration with recruiters and have the right structure.

If you are looking for a traditional CV template that gives a simple and stylish impression, it is a simple CV template that you should have. Our simple CV templates are suitable for you who do not want a lot of design elements or anything else that takes up space. We have developed these CV templates in collaboration with recruiters who like a more traditional application style where the main focus is on the structure and content of the CV. They thus follow the more classic design of a CV where you do not take the turns to any great extent.

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What makes a simple resume template?

Our simple CV templates have a minimalist look and give a simple but professional impression. What distinguishes our simple CV templates are:

  1. No or very few color elements
  2. Traditional fonts
  3. Minimalist design with a focus on text and structure
  4. Standard sections such as education, work experience, language and contact information have the main focus
  5. Clear and simple

All our simple CV templates are traditional in their basic design but they have the same functionality as all our other CV templates. You can therefore choose what you want your template to contain and have a simple basic structure, but add modern elements such as a profile picture and social media. Our CV builder is created so that you have the choices and do not have to be locked into a fixed structure. We hope you find what you are looking for among all our resume templates.

Create a resume quickly and easily

It is quick to create a CV with our CV builder. Just choose the resume template that you like, create your free account and start filling in your resume. You can put all your focus on the content of your CV and let our service enter all the text directly in the CV template you have chosen. This happens automatically and gives a perfect result every time. Should you afterwards feel that you want to change template, there are no problems. Just click on the template you want to use and your information will be transferred to the new design. You can also choose to create new versions of your existing CV if you want to apply for a job with the CV that is uniquely adapted to the position you are applying for. This means that you do not have to rewrite all the content from the beginning, but only update the existing information to suit the new role.

A simple CV template should have a simple personal letter

You should always send a personal letter along with your CV. The important thing, in addition to the content of your personal letter, is that it has the same design as your CV to give a uniform and elaborate impression. Our system always creates a personal letter for each CV you have. Both use the same template so you do not have to bother with this. Just get started with your job search and let our simple resume templates do the work.

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