Templates for cover letters

The appearance of your cover letter matters

The content of your cover letter is important, and you should spend time on creating a well written and well thought out cover letter that can impress the employer. But just as with your CV, appearances matter. If you have a well written cover letter that also looks professional, this increases the overall impression and your chances of getting your dream job. Because you should always send a cover letter and CV together, it is important that both have the same design and appearance. Since it is difficult to design a neat CV and cover letter, we have created over 20 cover letter templates that you can use when writing a cover letter and CV.

A cover letter for each job

Your cover letter should explain to the employer why you are the best candidate for the job you are applying for. This means that the content of your cover letter must be adapted to each job you are applying for. Keep in mind that often, an employer will notice if you have written a cover letter from scratch, or copied a standard text that you have then changed a little. If they notice that you have not spent time writing a unique cover letter, you will miss your chance and someone else will get the job. Therefore, set aside time to write unique cover letters for each job you are applying for.

Cover letter example

If you have never written a cover letter before, it is very difficult to know what it should contain and how to design it. As the only website on the internet, we offer you the opportunity to read real cover letters to get inspiration and help on how to write a cover letter. Our cover letter examples are written by people who got a job based on them, which makes the content quality assured. We do not recommend you copy our examples but invite you to read them to get a guide on writing and wording. This way, you will get a better and more well written cover letter.

Create a cover letter quickly and easily

Writing a cover letter should be easy

That is why we have developed this service. As a member you get access to our user-friendly cover letter builder. You write your cover letter directly in your account with BuzzCV.com and choose the cover letter template that suits you the best. In addition to this, as a member you will also get access to ready-made cover letters examples and articles that provide unique tips and advice on what to keep on mind when writing. 

Change template at the touch of a button

If you write your cover letter in MS Word, for example, you need to design your cover letter all by yourself. Should you regret how it looks later on, you must start from scratch with the design. This is a very time-consuming job that we think is completely unnecessary. To make it easier for you, we have developed our unique “replace design with one click” concept. This means that you first write your cover letter and then you can choose design afterwards. If you don’t like the design, pick another template and all the information will be moved over to the new template.

Read more about cover letters

Do you need help writing a cover letter? We have developed a detailed guide just for that. In our guide, we will help you through the process of writing a cover letter step by step. You can also read our cover letters examples that we have developed uniquely for our members. These you can read and get inspiration from.

You need a CV too

When applying for a job, you need to supplement your cover letter with a CV. Being one of your members, you will therefore also receive a digital CV. With the help of our CV builder you can easily create your CV by selecting a CV template that is automatically filled in with the information listed in your account. It’s not only very easy to write a CV with our service. You will also get a CV that sticks out and is guaranteed to impress the employer.