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I needed to write a cover letter and read one of the articles on It gave me new ideas and made my cover letter better. Then I found the templates and now my CV and cover letter have the same professional look

Eric Anthony

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It is easy to fill in your CV with our service. Our system creates a CV for you who would otherwise require both design and programming skills.

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Professional Personalized Cover Letter Templates

Choose from over 20 personalized cover letter templates with a professional, elegant, creative or modern look. Customize the template to your personality by changing the color, font and layout.

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Don’t worry about spelling mistakes. Our smart cover letter builder finds typos and gives you grammatical help in real-time as you type. Choose from many different languages.

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Write your cover letter and CV in English, Spanish or any other language you want. All our templates are language adapted so you can search for jobs anywhere in the world you want.

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Create a professional CV quickly and easily. Use the same template as your cover letter and get a uniform impression that impresses the recruiters.

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Cover Letter – 6 Quick Tips

Looks Does Matter

It is important that your cover letter not only contains good information, it must also be visually neat. Therefore, choose a design that will make you stand out and match the look of your CV.

Adapt It to Every Job

The biggest mistake that job seekers make is to apply for all jobs with the same cover letter. The recruiter’s notices this immediately and the applicants are sorted out. Therefore, adapt each cover letter to each job you are applying to.

Same Theme as Your CV

Don’t forget that your CV is also very important and must reflect what you write in your cover letter. Therefore, try to adapt your CV to each job you are applying for, both CV and cover letter to explain why you are right for the job.

Keep It Simple to Read

Don’t make it too complicated. Keep in mind that your cover letter contains a lot of text that the employer must read. Therefore, it is important that the text is easily read and that you keep the reader’s attention throughout the text.

Stand Out and Don’t Be Afraid to Take Up Space

A perfect employee understands the task, takes his own initiative and makes sure that the manager can focus on other things. Convey this in your cover letter by describing why you should get the job and how you can help develop the company.

Examples Are Important

Highlight examples of what you have previously done that can be applied to the job you are looking for. For example, if you have streamlined a process at your previous job and you notice that this efficiency has not been applied at the job you are applying to, this is a perfect example to include in your text.

It is unbelievable that not everyone uses this service. The recruiter I was interviewing wondered if I was a professional designer. Sure, it costs money to download the templates but it is small sum compared to the salary increase I received.

Nelly Whitley

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We also offer our service in other languages. If you live in any of the countries below, you can use one of our country specific cover letter services.

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