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Free CV builder

We are completely unique in offering our CV builder and all our CV templates completely for free. We have chosen to release the service completely for free as these are difficult times, and many are unemployed and don't have much money. All our competitors charge for their services, and you are welcome to compare how much you will save by using BuzzCV.

User-friendly CV builder

Our CV builder is created for everyone to be able to get a CV in no time. There is nothing worse than a complicated service that you don't understand. Therefore, we have spent a lot of time making it as user-friendly and easy to use as possible. You simply fill in your information in fixed fields and then choose a CV template that you like. Then you have a CV that stands out and looks professional.

20+ High-quality CV templates

We have created all our templates in collaboration with recruiters to follow all the rules for how a CV should be formatted. Our templates are easy to read and have a stylish design, making the recruiter see that you take your job search seriously. Choose your favorite template here.

Spelling check

We have built spelling check directly into our system to make it as easy as possible for you to write your CV. Our system notifies you as soon as something is wrong so that you can quickly and easily correct it.

Cover letters

You should always include a cover letter that complements your CV when applying for a job. Therefore, we have created templates for cover letters that look the same as the CV templates. This way, you get a uniform appearance on all your application documents.

Free CV examples

We have developed over 100 real CV examples that you can take inspiration from when writing your CV. This way, you can see how others have written and formulated themselves and learn from the best. All our CV examples are completely free .

Personality test

In addition to the CV builder, CV templates, and cover letters, we also offer a personality test. It is completely free to use our test, which is based on Myers Briggs theories of how to read a personality. This is the largest and most accepted of all personality tests. Take your personality test here.

Why is BuzzCV the best CV service

Professional CV templates

Our CV templates are of absolute top quality and are not only more stylish than everyone else\'s but also more advanced. You can customize all aspects of the templates. You can move all sections in your template, change font color, and upload a profile picture. You can switch templates after filling in your CV to test which template you like best.


Writing tips

We have had 10 of Sweden\'s most prominent recruiters write down their absolute best writing tips. We have built these into our CV builder so that you can read them while writing your CV. It is intuitive and very good guidance.


Create as many CVs and cover letters as you want

Since you need a unique CV and cover letter for each job you apply for, we have built multi-functionality into our system. This way, you can create as many different CVs and cover letters as you want. You can choose to copy an existing CV and cover letter or start from scratch.



We collaborate with the largest job search platforms and have built our own job search engine where you can find the latest job openings. You get everything for your job search on one platform.


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Personality Test

Take a personality test and truly get to know yourself

Why you should do a personality test.

A personality test can be an eye-opener and often provide an “Aha” moment as the test taker often receives answers about why they behave in a certain way. It also provides insights into your strengths, weaknesses, and how you interact with others. By better understanding yourself, you can make well-informed decisions in both your personal and professional life.

Personality tests often offer a very accurate picture of your traits that shape your personality. For instance, you can discover whether you are more extroverted or introverted, more open to new experiences, or more conscientious in your commitments. These insights can help you improve your interactions with others and your approach to various situations.

Which theory is the test based on?

Our test is founded on the Big Five theory, which is the largest and most accurate of all the theories underpinning various personality assessments. The Big Five theory is rooted in different personality traits and is comprised of five primary personality traits, each further subdivided into several underlying personality facets.

  • Openness
    • Individuals with high levels of openness are drawn to new experiences and ideas, often displaying both adventurous and creative tendencies.
  • Conscientiousness
    • Individuals with high levels of conscientiousness are focused and organized in their pursuit of goals, resisting distraction from short-term temptations.
  • Extraversion
    • Individuals with high levels of extraversion consistently seek to establish productive connections with others, actively pursuing friendship, admiration, praise, recognition, and other forms of stimulating social engagement.
  • Agreeableness
    • Individuals with high levels of agreeableness are empathetic and compassionate, typically prioritizing others’ concerns over their own.
  • Neuroticism
    • Individuals with high levels of neuroticism experience negative or disabling emotions (such as guilt, shame, frustration, anger, depression, anxiety, existential angst, etc.) more frequently and intensely than those with low or average levels.

Different types of personality tests

There are numerous types of personality tests, but some of the most well-known ones include the Big Five, Myers-Briggs, and DISC. Each of these tests has its unique advantages and applications that can be valuable for various purposes.


Myers-Briggs and DISC are known as “personality type tests.” When you receive your results, you are categorized into one of these personality types. Myers-Briggs has 16 distinct personality types based on four different dimensions:

  • Extroversion vs Introversion
  • Sensing vs Intuition
  • Thinking vs Feeling
  • Judging vs Perceiving


DISC focuses on four fundamental personality traits and analyzes how these interact to create a unique personality type. These traits are:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

It is the abbreviation of these personality traits that gives the personality test its name. This test is often used to understand and improve communication and collaboration in the workplace.

Big Five

The Big Five theory is the largest and most recognized among all personality test theories, as it is based on personality traits rather than personality types. The test results are based on an in-depth analysis of the five personality traits, providing a more nuanced picture of your personality and the type of person you are.

The Big Five involves a comprehensive analysis of your personality traits, including how open you are to new experiences, how conscientious you are in your commitments, your level of extraversion, your kindness toward others, and your ability to manage negative emotions.

Difference between Personality Types and Personality Traits

It is essential to distinguish between the terms “personality types” and “personality traits.” Personality types represent an individual’s overarching personality, whereas personality traits describe specific characteristics and tendencies that a person may possess.

Based on research, the Big Five test stands out as the superior choice in many different scenarios. It provides a more nuanced analysis of your personality because it assesses you across various dimensions and offers reliable and precise insights based on data. Therefore, the test is better at identifying your exact personality and areas you can work on if desired. Its scientific credibility has made it a valuable tool in fields such as job searching and recruitment, where accurate assessments of candidates’ traits are crucial.

Stop wasting time and do the personality test

How long does the test take?

The test takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and is timed, so make sure you have a calm and quiet environment when taking the test.

Is the personality test free?

Yes, our personality test is completely free.

Does the personality test show accuracy?

Our personality test is based on the Big Five theory. So, it provides an accurate result as long as you answer the questions honestly.

What does the result of my test look like?

You receive a page with a summary of your result. In addition to this, you also receive a more detailed explanation of your test, which is about 4 pages long.

Can I pause the test?

No, unfortunately, you cannot pause an ongoing test. So, make sure you have the time to complete the test from start to finish.

Will I find out which job I am suited for?

No, you will not. However, you will receive a detailed result regarding your personality that you can use to assess whether you are a good fit for a job or not.

Can my company offer this test to employees?

If you are a company and wish to use this internally, you can contact us at

Is my information secure?

Yes. Since you need to create an account, your information is protected on our servers. There is also no personal information in the test except for your name. However, you can choose to remove this if you wish.