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Published: 2020/02/20 | Updated: 2020/02/20

Using Your Cover Letter and CV for Salary Negotiation

While many who are searching for a new job may believe that salary negotiation begins once a job offer is in hand, this couldn’t be further from the truth of the matter. In fact, salary negotiation begins the moment you sit down to craft your cover letter and write your CV. Both your cover letter and CV can make a huge difference in your salary negotiation efforts when landing your next job offer. 

At BuzzCV, we understand the power that an outstanding cover letter and CV can have on not only getting hired but negotiating a higher salary. Today, we will be highlighting the importance of creating a cover letter and CV that proves your worth as an employee in terms of salary negotiation. We will also be sharing some of our best tips for creating a cover letter and CV that is sure to impress and assist you in negotiating the salary that you deserve. Let’s get started!

Why Your Cover Letter and CV is Important for Salary Negotiation

First impressions are nearly impossible to change. When a prospective employer receives your cover letter and CV, it generates a first impression about your value as an employee. This can prove a large determining factor when it comes to salary negotiations. For this reason, it is important that your cover letter and CV is crafted to impress and prove your value as a potential employee.

If your cover letter and CV sells your skills short as an employee, you will have a much more difficult time receiving offers or negotiating a salary at the upper end of your salary scale. In fact, your current cover letter and CV could potentially be costing you thousands of dollars in income. In order to negotiate a higher salary, it is important that you know how to craft a cover letter and CV that not only assigns value to you as an employee but creates a sense of urgency to contact you in a prospective employee.

Putting in the effort to craft a winning cover letter and CV means you will have an easier time setting your price when it comes time to receive a job offer. It is equally important to use the power of your cover letter and CV to open the door for salary renegotiation in future job positions so it’s best to plan for the future when creating yours. So how can you create a cover letter and CV that translates to a higher salary for your new job? BuzzCV is here with all of the answers you need to get started!

Cover Letter and CV Strategies for Successful Salary Negotiation

There are three main strategies you can use to create a cover letter and CV that successfully translates into a higher salary at your new job. Each of these strategies work to communicate your value as an employee, create a great first impression, and entice prospective employers into wanting to know more about you. BuzzCV is here to offer three strategies you can use today to create a cover letter and CV that awards you the salary you deserve. 

Prove That You Can Provide a High Return on Investment

The first step in creating a cover letter and CV that results in a higher salary is proving that you can provide a high return on investment. Employers are very familiar with cover letters and CV’s that use the phrase “results-oriented” but, oftentimes, don’t receive concrete evidence that backs up this quality. When creating your own cover letter and CV with salary negotiation in mind, it is essential that you are able to provide quantifiable results to communicate your value as an employee. 

If you feel that you don’t have quantifiable evidence of your value as an employee from previous jobs, don’t worry! You aren’t alone. Fortunately, BuzzCV is here to tell you that every job has something you can use to provide proof that you can produce quantifiable results. This translate to a higher degree of value when communicated properly through your cover letter and CV. So what forms of quantifiable results can you use to prove that you can provide a high return on investment that is deserving of a higher salary? 

Many job-seekers believe that the only quantifiable evidence of value that can be used on cover letters and CV is revenue, material costs, and sales dollars but this is, fortunately, far from being the case. In fact, there are a slew of factors that you can use as quantifiable evidence. Here are just a few examples of numbers you can use to accurately translate your value as an employee:

  • Percentage of repeat customers
  • Person-hours saved in improvements that you introduced
  • Particular efficiencies that you used to assist peers and how many peers were assisted

Each of these numbers-based factors accurately provide quantifiable evidence that you return results. Employers want employees that are able to provide evidence of their value and that they are worthy of a higher salary. Many employers, being business owners, operate in a investment-centered mindset. If you are able to prove to them that you can return results on their investment (a higher salary), you will have a much better chance of receiving the salary you feel you deserve. Use this cover letter and CV strategy to your advantage when operating with salary negotiation in mind!

Accurately Communicate Your Experience

In order to win the salary that you deserve during the salary negotiation process, you have to do even more to convince potential employers of your worth. Think of the salary negotiation process similarly to shopping for a product. Before you make a purchase, especially an expensive one, it is likely that you do the necessary research to determine whether or not that product is deserving of your hard-earned cash. Just as you want all of the facts before purchasing a product, employers want to know that you can bring value and, most notably, experience that is worthy of their investment. 

Aside from offering employers proof of your ability to return results through quantifiable evidence, it is important that you are able to provide proof of your experience. This doesn’t just mean length of experience. After all, an employee can hold a job for a long period of time and still only do just enough to maintain standards. You need to convince employers that you have experience excelling in your job role when crafting your cover letter and CV. When communicating your experience, include the quality of your experience rather than the quantity. This will prove most effective in later salary negotiations with your employer.

Leave Them Wanting More

Finally, the key to cv template and cover letter that works to provide proof of your deservance of a higher salary is to entice the reader to want to know more about you. At BuzzCV, we believe that the purpose of a cover letter and CV is not primarily to inform your employer but, rather, to entice them to want to know more about you. This is what lands job interviews and gives you the chance to further provide evidence of your value face-to-face. 

CV template financial manager
CV template lawyer
CV template assistant
CV template account manager
CV template recruiter

When creating your cover letter and CV, include the necessary information to translate your ability to provide quantifiable results and experience without using too much detail. Make your cover letter and CV clear and concise, telling potential employers just enough to get them to call you in for an interview. Your job interview is your next best chance to negotiate a higher salary, cover letter and CV in hand.

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Start on your cover letter and CV today with these helpful tips. You’re sure to land your dream job at your dream salary in no time! 

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