Write a Perfect CV for a Senior-Level Executive Job: The Ultimate Guide

Regardless of what position you’re shooting for, whether it is your first job out of college or a senior-level executive position, the process of condensing your accomplishments and skills down […]

Write a Perfect CV for a  Senior-Level Executive Job: The Ultimate Guide

Regardless of what position you’re shooting for, whether it is your first job out of college or a senior-level executive position, the process of condensing your accomplishments and skills down into a single document can seem like a challenging task. That being said, if a new job is what you’re looking for, the perfect CV isn’t something you can skip over. When it comes to a senior-level executive position, you might even say that the process is more difficult than those looking for their first job out of college. 

If you’re gunning for a senior-level position, in all likelihood, you’ve held several jobs throughout your career, working your way up the corporate ladder. In this time, you have likely dipped your toes into a variety of industries and departments. Unfortunately, however, the people you will be competing with for this job will be coming from many different paths. For this reason, your CV will need to be created to thoroughly impress.

Today we will be walking you through exactly how to write a perfect CV for a senior-level executive position. If you’re striving to become an executive, you have to make your CV speak to that job role by making it extra impressive. This isn’t an easy task but with a few tips from us, this challenging task will be much more simple. Let’s get started!

Start By Creating an Executive Summary

Although you may be a detail-oriented go-getter that has a proven track record of success in higher level positions, you have to keep in mind that nearly everyone that is applying for the same senior-level executive position as you likely has the same qualifications. For this reason, you need to get rid of the resume objective altogether and instead focus yourself on crafting an executive summary that proves you’re the best fit for the job role. 

When it comes to a thorough executive summary, we typically recommend that applicants showcase four to five bullet points that directly highlight your value as it relates to the senior-level executive position. Put simply, this summary acts as your most valuable CV real estate. Think of this as your first (and biggest) chance to offer a potential employer direct reasoning for why you’re the best fit for the job and make it a seemingly obvious choice. If you can do that, you’ll make a good first impression that impresses and that’s the main point of your senior-level executive CV. 

Make Sure to Include a Core Proficiencies Section

Another key section to include in the perfect CV for a senior-level executive position is a core proficiencies section. This section acts as your chance to showcase the skills you have as they directly relate to an executive position. Be sure to only include core proficiencies that directly relate to an executive position. For example, although your strengths in Excel may be important, this isn’t an especially “executive skill”. Instead, you may want to highlight skills in employee development, global strategy, or skills and acquisition. These are skills that any senior-level executive should have and you will stand out to a recruiter if you are able to highlight such skills successfully. Collect all of these executive skills in a section that you label either “Core Proficiencies” or “Areas of Expertise” and situate them directly underneath your executive summary. In doing so, you can generate a great first impression that will keep a recruiter reading for longer.

Demonstrate Financial and Business Impact

Qualitative results are great and they can seriously give a recruiter an idea of the type of person you are but when it comes to a senior-level executive position, quantitative results are what recruiters are really looking for. The ideal senior-level executive candidate will be known for generating a positive impact both financially and in business and it’s important to note that you are not likely to land an executive position simply for being a good person. Candidates that can detail how they have driven growth, reduced costs, and optimized staff performance will be the ones to come out on top. That’s why you need to demonstrate your financial and business impact and do it quickly. 

The best way to do this is by simply showing the results. Show the quantitative data that speaks to your skills in these key areas. One of the most simple ways to accomplish this is by creating a section on your CV labeled “Key Highlights” or “Key Accomplishments”. We also highly recommend bolding the most impressive quantitative data so that a potential employer can find this information quickly and easily. 

Hit Hard on Highlights That Match Your Target Role

If you’re applying for a senior-level executive job, it is likely that you have many accomplishments in your past work history to be proud of. You’ve worked your way up to the top and you should embody these accomplishments in your CV. That being said, it’s important that you not overstuff. You should never view your CV as an autobiography that details every little detail about your life. Rather, you should hit hard on highlights as they relate to the senior-level executive position that you are applying for. 

Share career highlights as they directly relate to the position you are applying for and make connections with the needs of the role you’re applying for and accomplishments you have made in the past. Why should a potential employer select you for this high position? Show them the evidence. Make it clear as day. Leave out the fluff and focus on those hard-hitting highlights that will convince them of your value. 

Focus on Your Most Recent Work Experience

Most CVs benefit from a chronological format and this is because it clearly highlights your career progression throughout the years. That being said, most of your CV should be focused around your most recent work experience. You should spend the most time discussing your current role, including details that will prove to the recruiter what your role entails and what type of company you are working for. Even if you haven’t been at your current job for very long, this same rule still applies. The only exception is if your current job is completely unrelated to your career goals or an executive summary. 

Include Only Your Past 15 Years of Job Experience

If you’re applying for a senior-level executive position, you have a lot of job experience leading up to this point. You may have quite a bit to share in terms of the history of companies, responsibilities, and different positions you have held. That being said, it is highly recommended to only share your past 15 years of job experience in your CV. If there are positions that you feel are especially relevant to share that extend outside of this time range, you can still share this in a section labeled “Prior Experience”- just be sure to leave out the lengthier details. Following this rule will ensure that you don’t run out of space and can keep your senior-level executive CV well-organized and straight to the point. 

Discuss Education at the End of the CV

When you’re a recent college graduate, your degree is often one of your biggest selling points as a potential employee. When you’re applying for a senior-level executive position, however, it’s time to shift your focus away from education and more towards relevant job experience in leadership roles. For this reason, it is highly recommended that while you still include your education on your CV, you move it towards the end (with the exception of any advanced degrees that may work in your favor). This will give you plenty of room to focus on work experience while still highlighting the importance of the degree that you hold as it relates to the job you are applying for. 

Use BuzzCV to Craft the Perfect Senior-Level Executive CV!

Now that you know some of the most important tips regarding creating the perfect CV for a senior-level executive position, it’s time to get started! One of the hardest parts of creating a CV is often found in choosing a design that speaks to your professionalism and value. Fortunately, BuzzCV has you covered there! We offer over 20 certified CV templates that you can use to create a modern and professional resume and cover letter easily. Each of our designs are attractive, organized, and easy to use- making them the perfect templates to ensure success when creating your own CV for a senior-executive level position. 

While showcasing your accomplishments and skills are essential when applying for a senior-level executive position, the way that you organize this information within your CV is just as important. BuzzCV is here to offer you the tools you need to get noticed! Follow these tips and use our resources to create the perfect senior-level executive CV today!

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