Large Selection of Free CV Templates

For us, it is important to create CV templates that suit everyone’s needs and for this reason we have developed a large selection of free CV templates. A good CV […]

Large Selection of Free CV Templates

For us, it is important to create CV templates that suit everyone’s needs and for this reason we have developed a large selection of free CV templates. A good CV is the first step in the pursuit of your dream job and therefore it is important for us to help you create the perfect CV.

It can be difficult to know what a CV should look like and how it should be structured. With our templates you do not have to think about that and can instead focus on the content to create a well-written and effective CV. 

All templates are created together with recruiters and designers which gives you a professional resume that stands out when you apply to a job. This means that you will be called to more interviews.

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New Updated CV Templates

A good layout and a clear structure on your CV are important and for this reason we have developed several different templates. With our templates, your CV is easy to read, neat and gives the recruiter a good first impression. For us, it is important that our templates suit all different types of employment and therefore we make sure that they are always updated to suit your needs.

The idea of the templates is that all professional groups should be able to use them, and therefore different templates can fit some services better than others. If you are looking for a more creative job you may want to look at one of the more playful templates, while if you are looking for an administrative job can look at one of the templates with a more classical look.

Personalize Your Chosen CV Template

When you have decided which template you want to use, you have the opportunity to make it completely personal by choosing the color of the details, changing the font, changing the text size and rearranging all sections in the CV or adding your own special sections. 

The styling options you choose will never affect your readability or risk ruining your CV. All choices are designed to customize and make your CV personal without losing information. No matter what choices you make, you will still have a professional resume that you can be proud of.

If you ever want to change the template it is very easy, all your information is saved and easily transferred to the new template you choose. You never have to worry about doing the same work twice.

Create a Digital CV

All templates are tested and optimized to work on several types of devices. All templates are therefore perfect to send digitally, but are also made to be able to print if you prefer to give a physical copy to the employer.

There are several benefits to having a digital CV. For example, you can link to your social media directly in your resume which you can easily find with the push of a button. This way you can easily invite recruiters to your social platforms to get a clear overall image of you. Just be careful about the content of the media you are linking to, double check that you do not have any pictures that could risk scaring off potential employers.

Free Cover Letter Templates

In addition to CV templates, we also create free templates for cover letters. Using the templates, you can easily create a matching layout and give a better overall impression with your application. The cover letter template works in the same way as the CV templates and you can easily customize them to your preferences and needs.

In a cover letter, there is more space for free text and a chance to really show who you are. It can be challenging for many to know what to write and therefore we have produced a guide on how to write a cover letter, where you will find everything to inspire and help with the writing process.

With our CV builder and our resume templates you streamline your job search and easily get a professional and well-structured resume with a matching personal letter. We are here to make a process, which otherwise can be difficult, smooth and fun. We want to help you easily achieve your dream job!

We wish you the best of luck with your job hunting!

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