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Basic CV Template VS Design CV Templates

Picture of a basic CV being converted into a well designed cv template

While it is important to note that an attractive and eye-catching resume is not likely to land you your dream job alone, it certainly doesn’t hurt to put in the effort when it comes to how you represent you and your abilities on paper. For this reason, finding the right resume design for you is absolutely critical. This means you need to identify what the right CV template is. Put simply, the right resume design is one that encapsulates both your individual skills and personality, boosting your resume to the top of the pack. 

That being said, BuzzCV knows that finding an attractive CV template design that also matches your professional identity can be easier said than done. That’s why, today, we’ll be talking about the difference between basic CV templates and design CV templates, both of which are offered here at BuzzCV. Which CV template type is best for you and which can elevate your chances of winning that dream job? Let’s find out. 

Why is CV Template Design Important?

Before we look at basic CV templates and design CV templates specifically, let’s sum up why your CV template design is such a critical component of your ability to score the job of your dreams. Put simply, your dream job doesn’t rely on your education, experience, and skill alone. Rather, it relies on the presentation of your CV, as well. According to James Innes, founder and chair of CVCentre.co.uk, “design has become more important with the current job market. In fact, it becomes continually more important as competition for jobs increases year on year.” So why is presentation so important when it comes to your CV? 

Presentation is key when it comes to your CV because it is the first thing that your potential employers will notice about you. Before a potential employer reads a single word on your CV, you make an impression with the presentation of your CV. For this reason, your presentation on your CV can make all the difference between landing a job and being skipped over. If the presentation of your CV is thoroughly professional, you immediately give the impression, as the applicant, that you are thoroughly professional yourself. This will impress a potential employer and very likely move your application to the top of the stack for consideration. 

So how can you do your best to present your CV as professionally as possible? One of the best ways of doing so, other than focusing on a professional overall design as we will discuss later, is to avoid some of the most common mistakes on CVs. This includes spelling mistakes, an overuse of bolds or italics, or splitting sections over two pages. Aesthetics, however, are also crucial which is why identifying whether you will use a basic CV template or design CV template is so important. This is obvious when you consider the fact that up to a quarter of CVs are trashed immediately by potential employers because of poor presentation value. So how can you choose the right CV template for you?

What is a Basic CV Template?

In order to choose the best CV template for you, it’s important that you have an idea of the options at your disposal. For the purposes of this article, we will be focusing on two main CV template types: basic CV templates and design CV templates. Each of these template types are offered here at Buzz CV but you are likely wondering which is the best for you. Let’s talk about each type in detail as well as offer some examples of the best CV templates in each group, starting with the basic CV template. 

A basic CV template, put simply, prioritizes offering the needed sections with important information outlining your experience, education, and skills without the flair offered by design CV templates. While a design CV template may feature special graphics or stylized finishes, a basic CV template is a bit more straightforward, relying on the presentation of information rather than aesthetic. These basic CV templates may be in a chronological CV format or in a skill-based CV template but, regardless of the basic CV template that you use, there are a few “must-haves” that every CV template needs. For one, this includes 6 important sections including:

  • Contact information
  • Personal statement
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Job Skills

There are also a few other essential “must-haves” when it comes to a thorough basic CV template. These extras will ensure that your basic CV template will be powerful and present you well despite the lack of added aesthetic flair. These include:

  • All of the essential sections with the option to add extras if you choose.
  • An easily readable layout.
  • A matching cover letter template to pair it with.
  • Optimised for ATS scanning.
  • A generous use of white space.
  • The ability to include all required information within the recommended CV length.

Now that you have an idea of the layout of a basic CV template, let’s look at a few examples of some of the most highly recommended basic CV templates that you can use to present yourself professionally. 

Customer Service Basic CV Template

This template is a popular basic CV template used for the customer service field. As you can see, this CV gets straight to the point and doesn’t rely heavily on graphics or color schemes. Instead, the information itself is showcased. This is a key distinction to make between basic CV templates and design CV templates. As you can see, this basic CV template also includes all required sections for a CV in a plain and simple layout. While basic CV templates may not be as visually appealing as design CV templates, it is clear that they get the job done and lay out all important information in a well-organized format. 

Account Manager Basic CV Template

Much like the customer service basic CV template that we looked at above, this basic CV template that is centered around an account manager position capitalizes on information rather than extra visual appeal. While there is more of a robust color scheme present in this basic CV template, it is again centered mostly on the presentation of white space- something common amongst most basic CV templates. For a more basic and plainly organized approach to your CV, either of these templates would make the best choice. 

What is a Design CV Template?

Now that you have a good idea of what a basic CV template is and how you can use it to represent yourself professionally, it’s time to talk about the other CV template type offered here at BuzzCV: the design CV template. Design CV templates, unlike basic CV templates, capitalize on a more visual approach to the CV. Design CV templates are known for being more visually appealing, helping you to stand out a bit more when your CV lands on the desk of a recruiter. While it still offers the same required sections needed in any CV, there is much more of a focus on a stylized approach. This often gives a potential employer the first impression that you are unique, making them much more likely to read your CV in its entirety. Design CV templates typically offer graphics, backgrounds, and attractive color schemes. 

There are a few things you should keep in mind when working with a more creative design CV template. For one, you should use columns to maximize on space. This ensures that you are able to maximize the use of the space and keep your CV to one sheet of paper. You can do so by splitting your resume layout into two sections, with a narrow column running down either the left or right side of the page. Another thing to keep in mind when using your design CV template is that you always put the more impressive stuff above the fold. The top half is the area where a potential employer will place their focus first so it’s important to get all of the most important information in front of their eyes immediately by placing it there. This is why, despite using a design CV template, you should always avoid wasting space with huge headers for your name and contact details across the head of the page. 

Let’s look at a couple of examples of design CV templates and talk a bit about why they are so effective. 

Statistician Design CV Template

As you can see right off the bat, this design CV template maximizes the use of high-quality imagery and a color scheme that is attractive without being distracting. Keeping in line with our recommendations for putting all of the important information above the fold, this design CV template allows you to input the most crucial information in the form of a summary, right in the place where a potential employer will be drawn first. The color scheme used in this design CV template strategically draws the reader’s eye to the top of the fold first, meaning your summary will be presented front and center. The rest of this design CV template maximizes the use of white space, something that is crucial in a well-done CV. Each section is laid out in an organized fashion and isn’t made hard to follow with the use of unecessary graphics. 

Assistant Design CV Template

This design CV template again capitilizes on the use of a continous color scheme but, instead of the use of a high-quality image at the top of the fold, it uses attractive typography and colored section headings to organize the entirety of the CV. This makes it easy for the reader’s eye to follow each section without being confused about which section will be about. This not only saves time but shows a potential employer that you prioritize organization and professionalism, while also adding aesthetically pleasing components. Again, the use of white space is maximized and this makes the CV feel clean and straightfoward while remaining attractive- the main purpose of a design CV template.

Which CV Template is Better?

So, finally, you may be asking, “Which CV template type is the right choice?”. While we offer both basic and design CV templates here at BuzzCV, we do have a clear favorite: design CV templates. These templates tend to be much more attractive and offer enough customization options that allow you to stand out from the crowd. When creating the perfect CV, it’s important that you are able to make stylish choices that help you stand out without distracting from the purpose of the CV itself. 

Our design CV templates offer the perfect balance of style and professionalism. While basic CV templates will certainly get the job done, they are less likely to help you stand out as they tend to appear more like “templates” than design CV templates do. Design CV templates tend to appear more original and allow you to represent yourself as unique and highly qualified for the position you are applying for. 

Use BuzzCV to Create the Perfect CV Today!

Now that you know the difference between basic CV templates and design CV templates, it’s time to get to work on your own! At BuzzCV, we offer over 20 certified CV templates that you can use to create a modern and professional resume and cover letter easily. Our design CV templates will help you stand out from the pack and our basic CV templates will offer you the formatting you need to inform your decisions as you create the perfect CV.  Check out our free CV templates today to get started and register as a member for free today

As a member, you’ll have access to:

  • Free CV templates
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