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Cookie policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer. Cookies store information that we need for our website to work. They can not run code and do not contain viruses. We are the only ones who can read our cookies.

This is how we use cookies

BuzzCV uses cookies to make your experience of the website. Things that can be good to know about our cookies:

Some cookies are necessary for the website to work
We do not collect information about your activities when you visit websites that do not belong to BuzzCV.
We use google analytics cookies collect non personal information about the user behavior on our website.

Types of cakes

Security: With these cookies we create secure access to your account
Settings: With these cookies, we store your settings, such as language selection and display of job search results
Analyzes: We collect information about traffic patterns so that we can identify popular content and potential problems on the website
Website features: We collect information about which jobs you are looking at so that we can show more similar jobs. We also use cookies to divide certain users into test groups and for the purpose of testing new functions on the website
Advertising: We use information about you to determine which ads to show you on the site (the information does not identify you personally).

Your cookies options

You can choose to have the computer warn you every time a cookie is installed, or you can block all cookies. You do this in the browser settings. The procedure differs slightly between different browsers. In the browser’s help menu, you can see how to change the settings for cookies. If you block cookies, you will not have access to all the functions that make the website efficient, and some services will not work correctly.

Block and remove cookies

You can remove or block cookies from the BuzzCV in your browser, but then you can not use the website.