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Aron Smith Head of marketing
Phone 07624 123456
Address 89 E 42nd St
NY 10017 New York
Head of marketing at

My name is Aron Smith, I am 42 years old and grew up in London. This is my application for the position as Head of marketing at The reason I apply for the job is because I think the tasks sounds interesting and correlate with my previous experiences and merits. I have a master's degree in Business Administration from the University of excellence and some 10 years solid work experience. At the moment, I am head of marketing at the Online marketing Company which is a fantastic job that has helped me grow my understanding of both the marketing and business side of the operations. During my two years at the company, we have reached or overall goal to become the market leader in our sergment and now I'm ready to move on to take on new challenges. I received inforamtione about the position as  head of marketing at Buzzcv from a colleague of mine. After reading about your service and company, I feel that it's the perfect fit for me. My previous experience will be a great asset for you and I think I can help you develop your organization in a positive direction. I'd love to meet your team and tell more about myself. 

About me

A natural leader and a master of marketing. That's how colleagues describe me. Personally, I would describe myself as a ambitious visionary who works hard to achieve my goals.
I‘m an active person who loves adventures. Last year I decided that I would run a marathon and last month I achieved that goal.
Now I'm ready to take on a new adventure but this time regarding my professional career.

William Smith CEO